Sandy Tweed
Painting Gallery
Welcome to Sandy Tweed's painting gallery
A native of the Pacific Northwest, Sandy spent a decade teaching high school science followed by another as a building contractor in Astoria, OR. A new decade called for a new career. Having dabbled in watercolors in the past she picked up her brushes and began painting, this time with acrylics.

Now another decade has rolled by. Wanting to find new challenges Sandy has shifted her work again. Heading out into nature she begins by exploring and taking macrophotographs of textures, colors and various treasures she finds. Back in the studio images are used to create the foundations for mixed media paintings. The images are printed and collaged in layers. Paints, pastels and other mediums are then used to bring them to life as she finishs each piece.

Sandy's subjects focus on nature, with the occasional bit of whimsy. This is no surprise given her childhood fascination for any and all critters, followed by a degree in Zoology at the University of Washington.
Mixed Media